Fruita Spring 05 TR
My weekend sucked...
See I was forced to do this type of stuff all weekend long at Arapahoe Basin and Vail with a really good skier and a boarder...such a rarity for me to able to hang with some who rides:

It was horrible...but see that's where the non-existant story turns for the better. My day at Vail ends with it dumping this white fluffy stuff on me in the Safeway parking lot, exit 167, bound for exit 31. A hotel room that Scrublover has conveniently booked for the next two days in lovely Grand Junction...a stones throw from the now world famous Fruita singletrack. I meet up with Scrub for a quick beer and grub. It's pouring down rain, and we know most trails in Fruita/GJ don't fair well in the rain. Our bright idea? Ahhh yeah, roadtrip!

Up the next day at a reasonable hour, a quick coffee and bagel and we're on our way to the mtn. bike Mecca next door, Moab. Only 1.5 hours away. Note to self, living in Colorado really really sucks. Arriving at around 10:30, we were on Amassa's Back before 11:00.

Scrubby hauling the big boy bike up the hill:

For those who like to hear things over and over again...yes, amassa back has been sanitized. IMHO it's not that bad. Granted my favorite section has been backfilled with a couple billion tons of dirt, it's still a good ride.

Well we finished the main climb, and we both had heard of singletrack that drops off to right, back down towards the Colorado River and ultimately Kane Creek. And with a little beta provided to Scrubby from a local, we were able to find it.

All I gotta say is that singletrack is really good dropping down. Very techy in spots as well as very very exposed in spots. And some nice views of the river below.

Endeth the ride, after a short climb back to the car. Scrubby managed to mangle his front shifter so we spent two hours at Poison Spider dealing with that. After a quick a discussion we headed towards the desert classic Slickrock. Dark clouds and rain in the parking lot had us doupting the chances of getting a good ride in. 20 minutes into the ride, the sky's cleared, and we were baking on the rock. Gotta love the desert.

Scrubby floating up the techy wash section of Slickrock

A few jeeps that I thought was a cool shot. The huge salt domes dwarf the jeeps...what a beautiful place.

A quick pano of the slickrock expanse:

And if you look closely, you can see a little brine shrimp AKA Sea Monkey. These little guys litter the pools on the slick rock that form after rains...I find their life cycle so impressive:

EVERYONE has done slick rock, so no details needed. And after a quick bite at Eddie's, we hit it back to GJ.

Next morning, shades are closed, cue the morning birds softly chirping. Sound asleep And....
Brriiiiinnnnng Brinnnngggg (damn cell phones)....cue the well known local Screampint. She can be ready to ride at the Loma trailhead at 9:30. She's on a tight schedule, but we managed to squeeze a pretty good ride in...I really didn't get in any pictures of this ride because any chance I did have to stop I was focused more on aquiring as much oxygen as possible instead of looking for "the shot". And here's the theme of the ride:

Yup, Screampint waiting for us. She literally tore our legs off on that ride. Thanks Sarah for riding with us.

And for posterity's sake(which my new toy gathered pretty well), the ride was Mary's, Horsethief, Steve's,Handcuffs, and back via Mary's to the car.